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A few years ago, I became zealously interested in different aspects of coffee beans after a trip to Costa Rica.  I began discovering more and more distinct characteristics in the many growing areas and roasting methods of coffee beans around the world.  

With this new found love, the coffee beans led me to another discovery.  Not all home coffee makers are one and the same. After many attempts for a perfect cup brewed like many of the coffees we had tasted around the world, my husband finally found the answer to my dilemma – the Technivorm Moccamaster.

Many machines we bought were an added complexity to my morning routine with the buttons, settings, digital displays of many machines.  The Technivorm Moccamaster has a simple design with the water and coffee ground locations.  Then with just a flip of the switch, the perfect brew starts dripping.  

I like to share my mornings with my husband and not rush, so the 8 to 10 cup carafe was ideal compared to many presses only offering a few cups.  Not only do I have an effortless process for preparing my cup of coffee, but the taste allows me to savour in the many complexities of coffee aromas and taste intended.