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WSET Online Global Classroom

You’re busy. We understand. Online learning is a convenient, flexible way to achieve WSET qualifications. – Lorri Hambuchen, Owner | The Wine Center

WSET Online Global ClassroomThe Wine Center offers WSET coursework in a convenient, on-line learning center that fits your schedule. The course offers interactive learning programs, but with the freedom of flexible scheduling. Students register through us, take classes in an on-line global classroom under the expert leadership of WSET instructors in London. Once you complete the classroom work online, all that’s left is choosing an approved testing site through The Wine Center to schedule your exam. Students log-in whenever they like (at least once a week), review the summary of weekly or biweekly topics, study, complete activities and tasting exercises, post responses and participate in online class discussions. When you register we will send your course materials prior to the start of your on-line classes, and WSET will email specific instruction on logging into the online classroom.  It’s that easy. The courses are designed for easy navigation with a course calendar listing topics for each week, background reading, activities relevant to each topic and tasting assignments. To further increase your success for on-line learning, weekly mock exams are given with another opportunity to interact with your instructor. A crucial step for successful completion of WSET coursework.

  • WSET Global Online Classroom ScreenGo to class on your schedule
  • Improve your resume around your busy life
  • Save time and money with class online
  • Everything you need in one place
  • Stress-free learning environment
  • Updated, current & engaging
  • You are in control
  • WSET Online – All the Time – 24 x 7
The Level 1 Award in Wines and Level 1 Award in Spirits courses are 4-week, 7-module, 6 hours of study time, online learning programs with educator support available for this time. The Level 2 Award in Wines and Level 2 Award in Spirits courses are 5-week, 6-module, 28-35 hours of study time, online programs with educator support available for this time. The Level 3 Award in Wines course is a 10-week structured online program with a recommendation of 84+ hours of study to cover the online activities and read the relevant chapters in the textbook. There is also a 1 day tasting tutorial.