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The results are soon to be posted for the Professional Wine Buyer’s Competition, but I thought we should take a sneak peak.

Searching out stellar wine values has always been my mission, so with 400 wines in the competition and prices across the board; I knew it would be long day of stained teeth and aching gums.  Not talked about many tasters, but for me crucial to any social interaction following these events.  When you taste 40-60–100 wines throughout a few days, your teeth and gums take a beating.  I usually leave with black teeth and a paranoia of drinking anything extra hot or cold.

As judges, we tasted blind (not a blind fold… just did not know the producers).  The wines were scored Bronze, Silver or Gold and the extraordinary Double Gold.

Awarding a double gold was not an easy task for any of the judging panels.  Not that we were a tough crowd, but knowing our collective scores would be compiled into a list of awarded wines and handed on to you the consumer to decide for yourself.  My panel only awarded one the entire competition, the 2009 Crossroads Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

I think all buyers are looking for a wine they would recommend to a friend because it taste great and is a great value for your money.  This wine delivered both and had all of the benchmark qualities you would expect from a well-made New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

For final results go to the Professional Wine Buyers Competition website.