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As summer heat bears down on us, it seems the appropriate time to answer a few questions that wine lovers have been asking.

Can you drop a few ice cubes into your white wine to give it a quick cool down?

It seems the perfect answer to quickly cooling down a glass of wine, but actually it can alter the taste and balance. Wine, unlike many beverages, is produced with a perfect balance of water, sugar, acid, tannin and alcohol. The vineyard manager and winemaker devote time to grow and produce grapes to achieve this perfect balance. Dropping in a few ice cubes leaves it watery with the taste of a poor quality wine. Instead, try a rapid wine-chill by placing the bottle in a half-water, half-ice solution for about 10 minutes or a quick freezer-chill for 10 to 20 minutes.

Can wine really go bad from heat inside the car?

When the wine is subjected to a temperature over 100 degrees, you can be sure its quality will be jeopardized. This can happen when you buy a couple bottles of wine, place it them in the trunk and continue on your errands as usual. I like to I treat wine as I would ice cream. You wouldn’t buy ice cream and leave it in the car while you run errands or have dinner with friends.

I am looking for a cool refreshing wine to go with burgers and the weather is too hot for reds. Any suggestions?

Rose, Rose, Rose (ro-zay). This perfect summer wine offers the cool refreshing characteristics of white wine. I will stay on my rose wine soapbox until I am confident that wine lovers have given them a fair try.