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It seems every day more and more styles of wineglasses are available. The choices can be dizzying and confusing.

I do believe different bowl sizes change the taste and enjoyment of wine. And I love setting the table for special occasions, when I bring out the glasses — white, red, dessert and cordial — for each course. But I also know many of us are simply looking for an everyday, all-purpose wineglass. Most of us rarely need numerous size glasses to relax and enjoy dinner at home.

Here are few tips for finding your ideal home wineglass.

  • Clear versus color. Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe a wineglass should be clear. I know there are many trendy, fun designs and colors lining the retail shelves, but I like to see the wine in the glass. Sometimes the designs and colors of the glass take away from the experience of seeing and appreciating the wine.
  • Stemmed versus stemless. In our house we do have a stemless glass, but it’s the delicate European style, very similar to a dainty water glass. The purpose of stemless glassware is debatable only because the reason you hold a glass by the stem is to prevent your hands from warming the wine and smudging the glass with fingerprints. For my ideal glass I do want a stem. There’s something about holding a traditional wineglass by the stem when you are savoring the experience.
  • A dainty glass versus a thick, strong glass. Oddly, this is possibly one of the most asked questions about glassware. Many years ago I bought a set of very expensive (expensive for my budget), delightfully delicate, thin-rimmed glasses. I enjoyed my glass of wine with dinner, but the bliss was very short-lived. Even hand-washing them, they are so fragile that even a small tap on the side of the sink breaks the glass. If your dinner routine is like ours, we rarely have time to hand-wash and polish wineglasses immediately after use. Wineglasses often end up next to the Tupperware in the dishwasher. My ideal glass is less delicate and more durable. I’m not suggesting you attempt to enjoy wine out of the thick-rimmed banquet-style glassware, but try to find something in the middle.
  • The curve. Most wineglass features come down to personal preference and lifestyle. But there may be one slight design feature that enhances wine in the glass no matter what the wine or price of the glass … a slight curve. There are many wineglasses available, but look for those with a slight curve at the top of the bowl. This tiny design point enhances the aromas of your wine, thus increasing enjoyment in the experience.