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Valentines ChocolateEach year on Valentine’s Day my husband never fails to amaze with me with yet another unique and romantic gift. Compounding the impressiveness of this feat is that my wish list usually doesn’t include roses, candies or even jewelry, it revolves around another love of my life: wine.

My Valentine’s Day surprises have included such extravagant gifts as my favorite bottle of wine over dinner and a starry-eyed, wine country getaway to practical but still sassy and colorful wine totes. Each gift is beloved because of the thought put into selecting it. So, if you have a wine enthusiast in your life and are looking for a few gift ideas, consider these suggestions for your valentine.

  • Chocolate and wine pairing gift set. One of my favorites is the Wine Lovers Chocolate Tin produced by the San Francisco Chocolate Factory. The collection is a wonderful way for wine lovers to experience the subtleties of wine and chocolate without the work (or risk) of creating pairings from scratch. The tins contain dark chocolates with varying cocoa intensity and are labeled with the grape variety that best complements the chocolate. The chocolates’ cocoa content ranges from 54 percent to 72 percent, and they pair with well-known varietals such as cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, merlot, syrah and port.


  • Chocolate of the Month Club. What’s more romantic than a wine-and-chocolate gift set? Chocolates arrive at your doorstep month after month. The best clubs will provide world-class selections focusing on quality and unique chocolates. Some clubs even boast that their chocolates contain secret bean blends, guarded roasting techniques and even infusions of rare spices and flowers. Most companies allow you as little as a three-month commitment for your gift.


  • Chateau Calon Segur, Bordeaux, France. We all have wines reminiscent of a special occasion. For me, next to a bottle of Duckhorn (the wine we enjoyed on our wedding night), the romance of Calon Segur is hard to top. The label of this prestigious property of Saint–Estephe has a heart on it, making it a perfect choice for your valentine. It’s said owner Marquis Nicolas-Alexandre de Segur claimed, “I make wine in Latour and Lafite but my heart is in Calon” as the reason behind the heart on the label.


  • Wine Country Getaway. What’s more romantic than a trip to a wine region with the one you love? There are many options and choices ranging from a day trip to Altus, a long weekend in California or a destination vacation to France or Italy. Of course your valentine will love this gift, but you get to enjoy it too.