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Wine Gift SetWine alone is amazing, but adding ideal accessories can make the experience of drinking and collecting wine extraordinary.


The novice who only opens bottles on special occasions only needs a few items. As you gain and explore more wine options you’ll know its time to begin adding to your accessories. Most likely, adding different styles of wine glassware will be your first expansions.

  • The equipment: Basic wine opener, all-purpose wine glass, champagne flutes, bottle cooler and small wine rack.


Most wine drinkers have expectations of what they prefer to drink but many people are moving away from the single wine choice and becoming more adventurous, one day drinking a Spanish Cava and the next a California cabernet. Anyone who is exploring and building upon a collection needs useful accessories, but most important is appropriate glassware.

  • The equipment: White, red and champagne flute glassware, decanter, ice bucket, capsule (foil) cutter, higher grade wine opener, wine carrier, wine thermometer, a vacuum pump for storage, cleaner that removes wine stains and a wine storage rack and/or a wine refrigerator.


The connoisseur may or may not be a wine professional. However, this is the person who takes wine appreciation to the next level. If money is not an object, the wine main accessory should be a home built around the design of your wine cellar not the other way around. If you are at this level in your exploration, you most likely have all the required tools, but are looking to add accessories to your stash.

  • The equipment: Decanting funnel, glass polishing cloth, magnetic wine collar, Laguiole corkscrew, label remover, champagne re-sealer, a wine wand, decanting carafes for a single bottle and magnums, Champagne pliers and varietal specific glassware.