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Finding the perfect gift for a special bride and groom can have its challenges. The intention is genuine as you stare at the bridal registry printout — the blender, the fondue set or the electric popcorn popper. But sometimes maybe you want to give something that veers from practical and includes a personal touch.


When you give wine as a gift, it can be a challenge to package it in an appealing, attractive manner. Wine for a Wedding creates custom boxes, with each box featuring an engraved design with “open on” anniversary instructions for each compartment. As the couple reaches the anniversary they open a bottle of wine along with a message from you that’s engraved on the inside lid of the box. The site guides you with ideas on design, and fun or sentimental quotes. It’s as simple as selecting your box and adding the personal message. Then it’s shipped to your address. For more information, visit Wineforawedding.com.


The corkcicle is not just functional, it makes a great conversation piece too, due to its interesting design. The Corkcicle is inserted into the bottle of wine and helps to chill it. In use, it crates the illusion of a giant icicle hanging from the cork. It’s a great way to chill a bottle while avoiding the mess of a dripping ice bucket. The Corkcicle is made of BPAfree plastic and is filled with a gel that freezes, so it’s not melting and diluting the wine. You put the device in the freezer for a couple of hours and then insert it into the bottle. For more information, visit Corkcicle.com.


For a truly personalized gift, consider presenting the couple with a large-format bottle of wine with hand-written messages from friends or family decorating the bottle. Permanent ink markers designed for glass come in an array of colors, but the metallic silver and gold stand out the best. They cost less than $10 and can be found in most craft stores.