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Picking the right gift for the wine enthusiast can be more complicated than just grabbing a bottle of wine. If you’re looking for ideas, here are few gifts that would make just about any wine lover smile.
The Wine Wedge (about $10 for a set of two)The Wine Wedge

  • If you have ever tried stacking wine bottles in your refrigerator you understand why this is a great solution. You can use one wedge to stack bottles against the wall or use two to create a sturdy pyramid of up to six bottles.

govinowine Shatterproof Stemless “Glassware” (about $13 for a four-pack)

  • I love this drinkware because it can go anywhere — from a picnic to a party — and is proof you don’t have to drink good wine from a bad glass. Originally designed for the sales force in the wine trade, these sturdy “glasses” quickly found fans among the general public. The drinkware is made from BPA-free polymer plastic, and the shape and thin walls showcase a wine’s aromas and colors just as well as traditional glassware.

Winerd (about $35)

  • My family and friends enjoy any type of game but add wine to the challenge and the game is on. This adults-only board game combines trivia with tasting and appeals to amateurs as well as professionals.

Perfect Pop Champagne Opener (about $7)Perfect Pop Champagne Opener

  • This gadget boasts a foolproof and safe way of opening sparkling wine bottles. No need to even remove the foil. Just place the opener on the top of the cork, loosen the wire cage, twist and voila! Off comes the foil, cage and cork.

Personalized Wine Travel Map (about $160)

  • I loved finding a personalized wine gift as unique as this travel map, which helps you keep track of your family wine travels throughout the world. It comes in a mahogany frame with 52 color-coded flags and pins to mark your visits, favorites and even dream locations to wineries and vineyards. You can personalize the map with your family name or your winetasting club.

The Wine Glass Chandelier (about $400)Wine Glass Chandelier

  • If you drew my name this year (and your budget is big) then your shopping search has ended. Not only is this gift functional for glass storage, it also makes the ultimate cellar or kitchen island conversation piece. It’s made with original wine barrel rings and wood staves forming the frame for a mix and match of up to 15 stemmed glasses on the first tier and up to 18 on the bottom. A gift well worth the splurge for any wine lover.