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“Exciting,” “refreshing” and “amazingly inexpensive” are words rarely used to describe wine, but Prosecco is unique. It’s Italy’s answer to a wellmade sparkling wine sold at a reasonable price, unlike its competitor, France’s Champagne. It is produced primarily in the district of Valdobbiadene, a region of Veneto.

It is made using a method known as Charmat. The Champagne or “classic” method entails fermentation in the bottle and long aging periods, whereas Prosecco, using the Charmat method is produced in stainlesssteel tanks. This gives the wine its freshness and obvious lower cost. Compared to other wines, Prosecco is lower in alcohol content, usually around 11 percent. It matches well with the lighter summer menus and is a value substitution for pricey Champagne in mixed drinks.


  • NV Villa Sandi Prosecco, Italy (about $16 retail)
  • NV Villa Granda Prosecco, Italy (about $14 retail)
  • NV Zonin Prosecco, Italy (about $15 retail)


  • NV Zardetto Prosecco, Italy (about $20 retail)
  • NV Oriel 365 Prosecco, Italy (about $24 retail)
  • NV Santa Margherita Prosecco, Italy (about $25 retail)
  • NV Canella Prosecco, Italy (about $22 retail)