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If you have been reading my column over the years, you know about my fascination with wine labels. Sometimes it’s the art that draws me in, sometimes it’s a name.

One I’ve been particularly intrigued with is the Sean Minor Winery. I’ve always wondered, is this is a real person, a very trendy brand name or a fictitious character made up for the sake of selling wine? This past week we were honored to have Sean Minor (he is a real person) visit Arkansas to share his wine and his story.

Minor was born in Kansas and grew up with a passion for agriculture and an appreciation for farm to table, specifically in regard to wine-making. His love of the art led him to Napa Valley, Calif., and Oregon where he worked for some of the most revered wineries in the world.

In 2005, he launched Sean Minor Wines and Four Bears Winery with an emphasis on quality and value.

The labels are simple in design, but rich in meaning. Sean Minor labels have family roots. 

Family is at the forefront of Sean Minor’s labels, with the Four Bears Winery’s 4B emblem honoring his children, Nick, Elle, Jack and Charlie. Sean Minor “Nicole Marie” is named for his wife.


  • 2014 Sean Minor Four Bears Winery Pinot Noir, California (about $14 retail)


  • 2014 Sean Minor “Nicole Marie” Red Blend, California (about $24 retail)