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One of the most intimidating aspects of wine could be mastering the correct pronunciations of labels and lists. Many of us, at one time or another, have been confronted with an unpronounceable wine list and faced the options of treading on in humiliation phonetically, ordering by pointing or settling for the house wine in frustration.

In the past, unless you traveled to wine regions or studied the language, few resources were available for you to brush up on your skills. Today there are many, from online audio guides to reference books. One of my favorites is Barry Brothers and Rudd of London, bbr.com/pronunciation. The Web site offers audio pronunciation of Bordeaux properties. A great resource to conquer the intimidation of pronouncing wine names such as Chateau la Croix de Chenevelle de Pomerol. Another helpful site is wineloverspage.com/lexicon. Below are some commonly difficult to pronounce wines and how to say them.


Chenin Blanc: shen-anblonk Gewurztraminer: gervertz-tra-me-ner Pinot Grigio: pee-no greejee-o Riesling: reez-ling Sauvignon Blanc: sov-inyon blonk Semillon: semee-on Viognier: vee-on-yea


Nebbiolo: nee-bee-olo Sangiovese: san-gee-ovay-zeh Tempranillo: tem-pranee-o Mourvedre: mor-ved-ra Pinot Meunier: pee-no moon-yea