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Reading what others have written about wine is a wonderful way to discover new wines and keep up with news in the wine world, such as what other oenophiles are up to.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by reading wine blogs. As long as you have access to the Internet, most blogs are free, and there are hundreds, if not thousands out there.

However, keep in mind, not everything you read is accurate, as anyone with access to the Internet can create a blog. Many blogs are filled with thousands of wine-tasting notes and pages of personal opinions and are simply overwhelming.

The following are some of my favorites and are worth the time spent reading.


  • It was a pleasure meeting Alder Yarrow last year at the Wine Writers Symposium. He is one of the pioneers of serious and professional wine blogging. Vinography has a dedicated following because of its comprehensive approach to the discussion of wine and Yarrow’s astounding dedication to his blog. The site addresses many fascinating wine topics and includes reviews, links to newspaper and magazine articles and other bloggers.

Dr. Vino

  • It was also a pleasure spending time with Tyler Coleman, aka Dr. Vino, when he spoke to our symposium on wine blogs. As his blog implies, he really is a doctor (the Ph.D. kind) who studied at Northwestern University. The wine connection began when he chose his doctoral dissertation topic about the economics of the wine industry in France and the United States. His site offers a multitude of categories, such as wine regions, quizzes, media updates and reviews. Dr. Vino’s writing skill, range of topics and expertise make his blog a great place to start in the wide world of wine blogs.


  • Jamie Goode is a wellknown British wine writer and the architect of Wineanorak. com. The wine anorak is an online magazine, and Jamie’s blog is linked to the site. Both the magazine and blog feature articles on food and wine, book reviews, tasting notes, wine travels and a portfolio of beautiful wine photographs. I enjoy the blog because it has information relevant to novices and professionals.


  • Good wine under $20 received the title “Best Single Subject Blog” at the 2008 American Wine Blog Awards. Wine blogger Deb Harkness has a special talent for finding good wines from around the world. Her site has expanded into areas other than wine recommendations and explores food and wine pairings, everyday wine culture and interesting wines to enjoy. A nifty tool on her blog is the “topic index,” which allows the reader to find wines by variety, region and price.