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By now most likely your Thanksgiving menu is in place. Don’t let the wine be an afterthought. From formal, sit-down affairs and casual buffets to a spread of family classics the right wine will make your meal even more special.

The Congenial Wine

Pinot Noir is a natural fit for the Thanksgiving table with its light bodied style enjoyed by white and red drinkers. It also offers a subtle elegance with foods rather than a powering fruit bomb many red wines exhibit.


  • 2016 Aime Boucher Pinot Noir, France (about $14 retail)


  • 2016 Adelsheim Pinot Noir, Oregon (about $29 retail)

The Safe Wine

With its ability to play well with the clashing flavors and textures on most Thanksgiving menus, Riesling could possibly be the wine world’s most versatile wine. Most Thanksgiving menus are a hodgepodge of dishes — making a dry Riesling a safe bet. If the Riesling is from almost any vineyard outside of Germany, the label is easily deciphered with the style being stated. If you are looking for the traditional German Riesling keep in mind the styles will range drastically from “Kabinett” being the driest and “Auslese” the sweetest.


  • 2016 Snoqualmie Naked Riesling, Washington (about $14 retail)


  • 2016 Hugel Alsace Riesling, France (about $28 retail)

The Paramount Wine

If there is ever a time to head to your cellar and dust off the cobwebs from your collection it is during the holidays. If you happen to have an aging Burgundy tucked away, this is a well-deserving occasion to savor your cellaring patience. Aged pinot noir complements the Thanksgiving menu with its earthy flavors and integrated tannin structure and acidity. If you don’t have the dusty cellar at hand, there are many Burgundy wines at your local wine retailer that are just as impressive and well worth the price.


  • 2016 Dubois Red Burgundy, France (about $22 retail)


  • 2015 Nicolas Potel Santenay Clos Rousseau, France (about $55 retail)