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It’s the time of year when mailboxes are filling up with invitations to weddings to be held in the coming months. I always find buying the ideal gift for our bride and groom confusing, what with all the choices.

The intention is genuine and we want to buy a unique gift that will be appreciated or treasured for years to come.

For me, the dilemma often comes as I look over the gift registry printout debating the blender, the fondue set or the stainless-steel popcorn popper. It’s not that the newlywed couple would not truly appreciate one of these additions to their household, after all they are asking for them. But I want my gift to be special, so why not share my passion for wine in a unique and commemorative way?

Wine and wine accessories can be perfect wedding gifts and a thoughtful gesture.

The bride and groom will enjoy it during a quiet, reflective moment.

The following are ideas that will add a personal touch to your gift:

  • Personalized wine boxes — I love this gift because it is a novel way to package and wrap wine bottles. The Wine for a Wedding boxes are made by Artificer Woodworks. Each box features a custom engraved design with “open on” anniversary instructions for each compartment. As the couple reaches the anniversary they open a bottle of wine along with a personal message engraved on the inside lid of the box. The site guides you with ideas on design and fun or sentimental quotes. It’s as simple as selecting your box, adding the personal message and shipping address. As for selecting wines for each compartment, your local wine shop can help select the right wines for each anniversary. For more information, visit arkansasonline.com/0516boxes
  • Write an inspiring message — Buy any large-format bottle of wine and have friends or family write a personal message to the couple. Wine bottle markers come in an array of colors but the metallic silver and gold stand out the best. They are usually under $10 and can be found in most craft stores.
  • Personalized Wine Labels — A fun and unique gift for the bride and groom also can be used for wedding favors. You can select from hundreds of designs and ideas or create your own by adding a favorite photo. Most of the companies I researched do not charge a design fee and allow you to order as little as one label. The price from most companies ranged from 50 cents to a dollar.