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No matter what time of day it is, someone on the World Wide Web is blogging about topics as varied as exotic travel, parenting, do-it-yourself car repair or finding the “perfect” diet. Interest in wine is a part of this phenomenon, bringing an abundance of wine-centric blogs.

There are literally hundreds of wine blogs. My favorites are those that step outside of the monotonous realm of tasting notes and vineyard visits. I look to sites written by those who were respected in the industry before blogging became their pastime.

These are some of my favorites; each ranges dramatically in content and personality.

Vinography.com: a Wine Blog

I had the privilege of meeting Vinography’s creator, Alder Yarrow, a few years ago at a wine writers symposium. Based in San Francisco, Yarrow is a high-tech consultant by day and influential blogger by night. His site features wine and book reviews, news and wine event updates. It also offers an alternative to the traditional sources and styles of wine writing by telling stories of the people behind the wine, all from a down-to-earth perspective. His site offers links to articles, newspapers and other blogs.

Tom Wark’s Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog

Fermentation is a blog about wine, politics, culture and the media. Wark, owner of a public and media relations firm, began the site in 2004. The blog highlights the intersection of wine and society. His site gives frequent and informative updates on the goings on in wine. It’s a great site for those interested in not only extended learning but industry news.

Dr. Vino: Wine Talk That Goes Down Easy

Dr. Vino, Tyler Coleman, isn’t a medical doctor, but he does have a doctorate. He wrote his dissertation at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., about the political economy of the wine industries in the United States and France. His blog provides an intellectual exploration of wine politics and business. He makes recommendations and also brings a diverse perspective to a controversial industry.

Wine Library TV: Changing The Wine World

Wine Library features video “episodes” with the energetic host, Gary Vaynerchuk. His blog is much different than others because it consists entirely of videos. Vaynerchuk brings a creative commentary with a high-energy and candid style that includes the zealous expression of his nontraditional advice.