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Culinary Students

Expand your culinary degree with credentials that get you to the head of the class.

Expanding Culinary Students CredentialsIt is well known in the restaurant industry that beverage sales are a major percentage of restaurant profits, and wine continues to become a larger portion of that margin.

“U.S. wine market conditions remain highly competitive, but we are optimistic that this growth trend will continue. Americans are increasingly interested in a lifestyle with wine and food, demonstrated by the presence of wineries in all 50 states and 17 consecutive years of growth in U.S. wine consumption,” said Robert P. (Bobby) Koch, President and CEO of Wine Institute.

Today more and more Chefs are playing a key role in not only menu selections, but also wine and beverage buying.  In order to gain a competitive edge culinary students are looking to wine education as a way to add to their culinary credentials.

No matter what culinary program you aspire, adding world recognized wine credentials offers more evidence of your expertise in your field.

  • Stand out with employers
  • Understand food and wine pairing
  • Gain confidence in preparing wine menus
  • Learn the principles of wine tasting & evaluation
  • Make informed decisions on wines & spirits
  • Add respected credentials to your resume