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Best kept secret in Spain

Unbelievable!  I have been in love with the story of Sherry for years only by reading about it in books or classes and lectures.  Today, I went to Osborne’s bodega in Spain.  Just the tiny corridors of the streets of Jerez and the secret compound of the Estate had me excited before I even made it to my appointment.

Walking into the barrel room surrounded by hundreds of Sherry casks laying quietly in the sacred Solera system mesmerized and confirmed why I have such a passion for wine. I know it sounds like a romance … but truly is why I love wines.  Maria was so patient with a barrage of questions that may have been random to her but so real while I was standing in the solera room …  angel share, yeast, 100-year-old wine … more later on my bumbling of questions.  Can’t wait to share the tasting!