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Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

The Wine and Spirit Education Trust is the most recognized and most respected wine certification program in the world.  Offered for over forty years in 55 countries from Australia to Zanzibar, in 16 languages; WSET provides high-quality eduction and training in wines and spirits to more than 27,000 people every year around the globe. WSET has grown into the foremost international body in the field of wines and spirits education, with a suite of sought after qualifications.

Wine and Spirit Education Trust

Already an essential credential in Europe’s wine and spirits industry, more American organizations are recognizing WSET as a necessity when entering the trade.

Ian Harris, Chief Executive Officer
Ian Harris, Chief Executive Officer Wine & Spirit Education Trust

The WSET has come on in leaps and bounds,” says Ian Harris, its chief executive. “When I joined eight years ago we were operating in 18 different countries with a total of 10,500 candidates a year. Today, we’re close to 27,500 students in 55 countries doing courses in 16 languages. We’re now the biggest organisation in the world offering education in wine.”

“Times have changed and there is a real thirst for knowledge from abroad,” Harris says. “Eight years ago, 65 per cent of our students were from the UK. Today, it’s the other way around, with 65 per cent of our students from abroad. We’re the shop window of the wine world, with unrivalled knowledge, and there’s no better place to learn about this lovely subject.”

“It’s a rare supermarket, high street chain or independent that doesn’t put its staff through the WSET’s hands. Indeed, Majestic is the organisation’s biggest single customer. For consumers, it’s reassuring to know that the people who sell us our wine know what they’re talking about.”