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Mommy's Time Out LabelI usually stray from label names and designs marketing as if a bottle priced under $15 has to have uncouth wording, an animal or bright colors to catch a buyers attention.

But this one was so funny I had to pick it up, walk to the register and actually buy it! (Yes, a little embarrassed at check out and even told the clerk, “I heard Pinot Grigio’s from Italy are very good values.”)

I’ve past this wine many times at my retailer but this time I took a closer look at the label.  The wine is Mommy’s Time Out, but it’s the graphics that made me laugh out loud in the wine shop.  A wooden chair is turned to the corner with a bottle and glass sitting on a table.  If only mom’s were so lucky!  The wine is a Pinot Grigio from Italy and a smart value for around $10.

I can’t wait for a friend to tell me a story of the not so always joyous day in the life of motherhood so I can wrap this one up as a gift.