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Wine GiftBy now you guys know wine is a central part of my life and very personal. From value bottles I grab at the retail stores to collector bottles found on weekend get aways, I am always plotting to match the right bottle with the right occasion.

Last week a few friends dropped by our home before going out to dinner. We were given a beautiful cult Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa. I am sure my eyes twinkled when my friend handed me the bottle. I thanked him and began to plot in my mind – who, when, where, what time? Would I cellar it for 1 more year or 5?

Then reality kicked in, “Should we open it now?”

Why is it when wines are given as gifts – it is so personal? If you are a collector of hundreds of bottles or even a few, you understand the feeling.

Of course we opened it immediately … thanks Brian & Jess.  See you soon!